Strategic testing & Validation

Continually improve your site every single month



Did you just finish a amazing redesign? Do you have an older site that could be doing better? What do you do now?  You have the opportunity to make your site even better, to make your site more profitable, and more central to your business’s growth.

Taking small, measurable steps to improve your website is the easiest way to continually improve towards making it a more-profitable, money-making machine. Over time, these incremental steps can have a massive impact on your bottom-line.

How it works

Our Hybrid A/B & User Testing approach works two-fold:

We’ll first watch your users use your site and listen to what your customers think of your current site to see if there are areas they struggle with, confuse them or leave them feeling anxious. We’ll use that information to influence A/B tests we create and launch on your site to make your site easier to navigate, easier to purchase and a more persuasive sales machine that will incrementally increase revenue.

Here’s how we’ll be working together


  1. We’ll hop on a call and discuss your business goals
  2. We’ll conduct a website design teardown and an audit of your analytics
  3. From there, we’ll prioritize the testing, create a testing roadmap and jump on a call to review
  4. Begin user testing where we watch and listen to your customers use your site
  5. Create designs with user testing feedback 
  6. Begin A/B testing with alternative designs
  7. Complete A/B test and analyze results
  8. Repeat numbers 4, 5, 6, & 7 and incrementally increase revenue

We’ll have a high-level check-in weekly to let you know how the tests are going. Test results will be shared out monthly with our Monthly Testing Report.


We only commit to a small amount of projects at at time as we want to make sure we’re providing the utmost quality work as well as providing quick turn arounds. Currently, we only have 2 spots left for our Strategic Testing and Validation service.

If you’re interested in working with us, please contact us for a free consultation.