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Learn what your customers really want from your eCommerce store, make it easier for them to buy, and sell more at a profit. A tangible, step-by-step email course to growing your eCommerce business through improving your store's sales funnel.

Continued year-over-year growth for your eCommerce business?

It's not always easy...

For eCommerce professionals, maintaining growth for your eCommerce store can prove difficult. You've done all the work to build a successful shop. Whether your business is still growing or has begun to plateau, you know you'll always have more room to grow, to improve your business. The question is, how?

This 6-day course is for eCommerce professionals like you. I'll teach you how to grow your business through simple research tactics that will help you learn from your customers. This will give you the insight needed to give your site's visitors what they want from your eCommerce site, making it seamless for them to buy.

Here's the lesson plan –

  • Day 1 – Course overview
  • Day 2 – A framework for finding poor performing pages
  • Day 3 – Have your visitors tell you why they're not buying
  • Day 4 – Prioritizing your monetization efforts
  • Day 5 – The ROI of customer validation
  • Day 6 – Consistently growing your business

Taught by

Scott Pandel

Scott Pandel is the founder of Space Suit Consulting, a company that helps eCommerce businesses learn about their customers and grow their revenue.

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eCommerce Growth Masterclass

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