Customer development

Know your customers


You’ve tried to continue to grow your eCommerce business, but you’ve hit a wall. You just can’t find that secret formula to continued success and growth. You’ve tried SEO optimization. You’ve tried more advertising, but you’re just not seeing the ROI you want. It might be time to shift your focus from your business to your customers.

Your customers are the key to your business. Talking to them them and learning their needs and wants is paramount to growing your business. Understanding how to speak your customer’s language and focus your site on the essentials of what your customers want from you, you’ll be able to more easily persuade each visitor towards purchasing.

You’ll not just learn about how to market to your customers. You’ll get a firm understanding of who they view as your competition, and how they talk about you and your products.  And most importantly, you’ll be able to learn what benefits of your product line is most important for your customers to purchase.

  • We’ll survey your customers either via your mailing list or live on your site
  • We’ll use the survey data to develop insights across several areas of your customer base. This will allow us to gain insights into:
    • how your customers talk about your products, possibly giving you the opportunity to focus the site’s copy and marketing position in terms of how your customers think
    • what product features your customers perceive as the most beneficial, giving you the opportunity to bring these features to the forefront, further encouraging more visitors to purchase
    • who your customers view as your competition, giving you the opportunity to better position yourself against these competitors
  • You’ll be delivered a custom report outlining the results of the survey, explaining the insights and action items on how to move forward to improve your site using these report.
  • We’ll get on a call and review the report and work together on how and when to put these results into action that can start better persuading your customers to purchase.


We only commit to a small amount of projects at at time as we want to make sure we’re providing the utmost quality work as well as providing quick turn arounds. Currently, we only have 2 spots left for our customer development.

If you’re interested in working with us, please contact us for a free consultation.